headon hgh 4iu (somatropin)


Application: injectable
Manufacturer: Ranbaxy
Dosage: 4iu
Packing: 4 vial

Product Description

This product (Human Growth Hormone) is sold under different names:


Somatropin is by far the most highly desired hormonal compound the world over, as its desire runs high not only in the performance enhancing world but in the lives of many everyday people who could care less about performance enhancement in the traditional sense. While Somatropin is its official name more than likely you know it as Human Growth Hormone or simply HGH. Commonly referred to as the Fountain of Youth by that label alone it should be easy to see why so many desire it. However, the benefits of Somatropin, while greatly anti-aging run far deeper and as it is generally side-effect friendly it is without question nearly a perfect hormonal compound.

Human Growth Hormone is a protein based peptide hormone produced naturally in the human body regulated by the hypothalamus in the brain. Actual production itself takes place in the pituitary but it is the hypothalamus that regulates how much will be produced in the end by the amount of Human Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (HGHRH) and Somatostatin (SST) it releases thereby stimulating production. However, the amount of release will largely be dictated by individual overall health, as well as age; production will inevitably decline as one advances in years.

As by its nature HGH plays a key role in cell repair and regeneration as well as production throughout the body, thereby providing increased productivity and efficiency within the cells for work to be done. In short, HGH structurally enhances the cells of the body as well as provides new cells in order to promote the desired task responsible to the cell(s). Moreover, HGH greatly enhances the rate in-which amino acids are converted, thereby again increasing performance within the body. With these traits metabolic efficiency is highly regulated as the hormone plays a key role in how body-fat is utilized as an energy source. However, the benefits in-terms of the importance of the hormone do not end there as by its cell structure enhancing and protein efficiency the healing process is greatly enhanced playing an active role in the process.

While only a brief overview of the hormone as it pertains to its functions within the body this should give you a fairly good idea as to why Somatropin is so highly desirable, for when HGH levels are increased beyond what it naturally produced the aspects for which it is responsible for are enhanced. While Somatropin is HGH the name refers to the synthetic version or HGH produced by recombinant DNA technology to be precise. While Somatropin (or Danabol DS) is the synthetic form of the hormone, once present in the body the body will not distinguish one from the next; naturally occurring HGH and Somatropin will perform the same tasks in the same manner. Look at it like water; you can drink water from a spring or out of a bottle and as long as it isnt full of bacteria you have the same product at hand.