genotropin hgh 36iu pen


Application: injectable
Manufacturer: Pfizer
Dosage: 36iu
Packing: 1 pen

Product Description

This product (Human Growth Hormone) is sold under different names:


Human Growth Hormone is produced in the body by the pituitary gland. Before this happens, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (Human Growth Hormone RH) and Somatostatin (SST) are released by the hypothalamus, and that determines whether more or less Human Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary.(1) Many factors influence the release of Human Growth Hormone, however, including nutrition and exercise (6)(7).

Once it is released, Human Growth Hormone (Human Growth Hormone), which is also called Human Growth Hormone (STH) has many functions in the human body. Human Growth Hormone is a protein that stimulates the body cells to increase both in size, as well as undergo more rapid cell division than usual. In addition, it enhances the movement of amino acids through cell membranes and also increases the rate at which these cells convert these molecules into proteins. Clearly, you can see that this would amount to an anabolic (muscle building) effect in the human body. Human Growth Hormone also has the ability to cause cells to decrease the normal rate at which they utilize carbohydrates, and simultaneously increase the rate at which they use fats.(1) Fat loss and lean mass increases with Human Growth Hormone have been found at a dose as low as . 0.028 iu/kg/daily for 24 weeks (4), however, in my estimation, that would be insufficient for a bodybuilder trying to gain muscle. Lets use .028iu/kg as a working number; that’s 2.8iu for a 100kg (220lbs) bodybuilder. That’s certainly not unreasonable, and I would say that that dose to 2x that dose is the range most bodybuilders and athletes are finding their best results with. Also, that length of time used in the study I just mentioned (24 weeks) is very typical of Human Growth Hormone use, and in conversations with my friends who have used this compound, have told me that they experience consistent results starting well after the 2-month-mark, and they tend to either run this stuff for 6 months at a time, or year-round (if they have sufficient funds). One of my friends is able to consistently retain a shredded 6-7% body fat all year round with the assistance of Human Growth Hormone, whether he is on steroids or off. He also has noted that his cardio (fast walking, for an hour a day) was much easier while on Human Growth Hormone than when off, and certainly the research Ive done would support his claim that sub maximal aerobic ability is improved with Human Growth Hormone (HGH pen) use (5) (15).


Human Growth Hormone also has the ability to stimulate the production (or reproduction, in the case of an injury) of cartilage. This, however, requires the presence of a mediator substance, Somatomedin (IGF), which is released from the liver in response to Human Growth Hormone, and the IGF, in turn, actually promotes the growth of cartilage.(1)

Although Human Growth Hormone requires IGF to actually grow new cartilage, Human Growth Hormone is directly able to stimulate the elongation of bone tissue.(1), and Human Growth Hormone has also been shown to elicit a positive effects on erythropoeisis (9), which is great for both anabolism as well as endurance.

Side Effects

Remember the negative feedback loop I always tell you about? Well, of course, your body has one which can stop the secretion of Human Growth Hormone, and it involves IGF. When your liver receives secretes IGF-1, it sends a message to both your Hypothalamus as well as your Pituitary to stop producing Human Growth Hormone. (1)

Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone) Cycles

Most people who are taking the plunge into Human Growth Hormone use have reached a dead end with their use of anabolics, and need to push through that wall. I’m sure you’ve heard about the synergistic combination of using Human Growth Hormone along with Anabolic Steroids, IGF, insulin and T3 (* usually synthroid, a thyroid medication). The reason is that when these hormones are used correctly together, theyll produce a large amount of synergy, the insulin is able to shuttle nutrients into your muscle, the thyroid hormone increases your fat-burning capability, the IGF will cause muscle growth as well as helping to grow new cartilage (thus preventing injury), and the anabolic steroids like testosterone, specifically (in addition to being anabolic) can increase IGF-1, in muscle tissue(11), and maybe even increase your bodys ability to use it. Also, usually, an increased amount of IGF usually tells your body to stop producing Human Growth Hormone, but testosterone actually blunts this part of the Negative FeedBack Loop (12)! And the addition of an Aromatase Inhibitor will also stop conversion of testosterone into estrogen; estrogen reduces IGF levels.(13)(14) Finally, the Human Growth Hormone does, well everything I just spent the last few pages telling you about!

Thus, IGF, Testosterone (and of course other steroids), Insulin, thyroid meds, and Human Growth Hormone will all combine to produce a pretty damned effective fat-burning and muscle building cycle! You know what else? Human Growth Hormone is virtually undetectable on any sort of currently used drug-screening tests. Human Growth Hormone, Insulin, Thyroid meds, and IGF may also be used pretty safely by those who may be subject to drug screening tests, or as a non-HPTA suppressive “bridge” between cycles.

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