14 weeks safest steroids cycle


Oxanprime 5 boxes
Primoprime 8 boxes
Stanoprime 3 boxes
Proprime 6 boxes
Tamoxifen 1 boxes
35 syringes and needles 5 ml

Product Description

You want to run a safe steroids cycle? Here it is, made of safe compounds which will make you look ripped and will add you some quality muscles gains. You want to run a safe steroids cycle? You want a cycle which wont retain water and give you muscles and better look? Here it is, made of safe compounds which will make you look ripped and will add you some quality muscles gains. This cycle may be used when summer begins to get in shape. Also you may run it before other important event when you want to look just great. Along with this steroid cycle its recommended to train hard with supersets at least 1 month, or have 2-3 weeks with high reps amount. It work amazing!


1-14: Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan) 600mg/week
1-14: Testosterone Propionate 100Mg/EOD
9-14: Oxandrolone: 40Mg/day
9-14: Injectable Stanozolol (Winstrol) 100Mg EOD


13-15: Maxifen: Day 1: 40mg/day next days: 20mg/day

13-15: Clomid:  300mg on day 1; then use 100mg for the next 10 days; followed by 50mg for 10 days.

* ED = Every Day

* EOD = Every Other Day

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