second steroid cycle – lean gains and cutting


3 packages of Cypioprime
30 ampoules of Bold-One (Maxtreme)
4 packages of Stanoprime
2 packages of Testeolin
2 vials of HCG 2000 IU (15)
Tamoxifen 10mg tabs

Product Description

Week Testosterone-Cypionate Equipoise Winstrol Testosterone-Propionate
1 600mg 300mg
2 600mg 300mg
3 600mg 300mg
4 600mg 300mg
5 600mg 300mg
6 600mg 300mg
7 600mg 300mg 50mg/eod
8 600mg 300mg 50mg/eod
9 300mg 50mg/eod 100mg/eod
10 300mg 50mg/eod 100mg/eod
11 50mg/eod 100mg/eod
12 50mg/eod 100mg/eod

Notes on Cycle:

* Very well-suited for very lean gains and cutting. Regardless of desired total results the end result will largely be dictated by your diet.
* Due to the aromatizing nature of these steroids SERM’s or AI’s may be needed and should be kept on hand. Tamoxifen is the SERM of choice but if stronger AI’s are needed Arimidex and Letrozole will both work well.
* The switch from Testosterone-Cypionate to Testosterone-Propionate at the end will allow the PCT process to begin approximately 3 days after your last injection. Further, this will ensure you’re holding a little less water to give you a nice finishing touch.
* “eod” – stands for Every Other Day

 Post Cycle Therapy Plan: For all cycles listed:

Week hCG Tamoxifen
1 350IU/ed
2 350IU/ed (the first 3 days of the week only) 40mg/ed
3 40mg/ed
4 20mg/ed
5 20mg/ed


Notes on Post Cycle Therapy:

* hcg is only used for 10 days, 10 straight days