turinabol 10mg (50 tabs)


Application: oral
Manufacturer: Alpha
Dosage: 10mg
Packing: 50 tablets

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Product Description

This product (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is sold under different names:


Oral Turinabol was first developed by scientists in East Germany for their Olympic and national-level athletes to use. This, plus the eventual removal of it from the market caused Oral Turinabol to become a very “sexy” drug for athletes to try and obtain. The East Germans studied this drug pretty extensively for many years and some of the success of this now defunct country was attributed to this drug, which made its first appearance to athletes in East Germany as little blue “Vitamins” their coaches gave to them. This drug has been discontinued by all of the major pharmaceutical houses, and is only found through certain underground labs. Even though some UnderGround Labs have access to this item, and it appears on their price-lists, its still rare enough. I believe it was first produced in the last half decade by a certain cat in Thailand. Its my speculation that its on the cusp of either becoming very popular, to the point where every Underground Lab will start carrying their own version of it, or it will disappear again and only be carried by a select few, if any, suppliers.

The easiest way to explain this drug is that it is a derivative of Dianabol. Though it is a derivative of our old friend Diana, its still quite different…remember, Equipoise is estrified Dianabol, and really has nothing in common with it, in terms of real-world-effects. Lets examine Oral Turinabol in relation to D-bol for now, though. The first similarity between the two is that they have both been 17-alpha-alkylated (a carbon atom was added at the 17th position) to survive the first pass through the liver. This, of course, increases hepatoxicity (liver toxicity). Oral Turinabol has a much lower level of androgenic activity compared to dianabol, but a better balance/ratio of anabolic and androgenic effects. It has a rating of a 0 (according to the Vida reference) for androgenic properties and a 53 for anabolic properties based on a score of 100 each for testosterone. This promotes more of a “hard” look, of what competition bodybuilders often call “quality” muscle. You do not get the same “puffy” look as you would on d-bol, and many people have thus compared the results theyve gotten from Oral Turinabol to Anavar. Actually, though, this stuff is simply dianabol with a 4-chloro alteration, the same alteration found in Clostebol.

Due to this 4-chloro substitution in the A-Ring of its Steran Nucleus, this drug cannot be aromatized (3). This is, as you know, quite beneficial and is one of the reasons Oral Turinabol has been called a “gentle d-bol.” You will probably not get any typical estrogenic side effects like water retention, acne, gyno, etc, at any dose of this drug. A couple of studies I read examining male athletes over a period of six weeks were given 10 mg Oral Turinabol/day did not show any indications of health-threatening effects. It has been recommended that men should take between 20-40mg every day and women a 5mg every day, and I generally think that it is not very strong (as compared to many other orals) and wouldnt drop below the 40mg mark if I were to use it personally. It may perhaps be used in low(er) doses if it is simply being used for its ability to reduce SHBGs binding (1) to other steroids. In this respect, it may have synergy with other drugs, since it has the ability to reduce SHBG and thus free up more testosterone for use in your body.

The only negative thing I have heard about this drug is that in high doses (10+mg) virilization has been seen in women(14) and there has been at least one case of testicular tumors, and one case of a guy who suffered adverse effects from 5 years of high-dose use of Oral Turinabol (2)(4). It should be noted that the former East Germans did many experiments with this drug in high doses though, and found it to be a very suitable compound for their athletes. Many of the women suffered virilization at higher doses, though. During the 68-72 Olympic cycles, the East German Sports Oral Turinabol program made its biggest impact. It was around this time, that the East German weightlifters were taking over 10g/year of Oral Turinabol, and their leading male sprinter was taking under 730mgs/year of Oral Turinabol (14). I think this tells me that for real weight gains, and huge gains in the weight room, youre going to need bank-breaking dosages of this stuff. On the bright side, if you are an athlete looking to get faster, a little bit of Oral Turinabol will get you there pretty easily, and with minimal (if any) side effects). I think that its inability to cause negative side effects, and its ability to produce a favorable increase in lean body mass and thus a favorable increase in strength/speed and an athletes strength:bodyweight ratio is what turned the East German coaches and scientists on. It must be noted that, at the time, this stuff was mostly undetectable, and that was certainly a sought after trait by the East Germans, who were looking to circumvent the drug testing procedures of the IOC. Now, of course, Oral Turinabol is detectable, as once its administered to man, three major metabolites are formed: 6 beta-hydroxy-turinabol, 6 beta, 12-dihydroxy-turinabol, and 6 beta, 16-dihydroxy-turinabol (5)(8)(9).All of those metabolites are now detectable by drug screeners. In much smaller quantities at least another three metabolites are excreted, one of which could be identified as 17 epi-turinabol (5), and is easily detected by modern drug tests… No measurable amounts of Oral Turinabol itself is detected in any of the urine samples investigated in sports doping procedures, but the presence of the metabolites is enough to warrant a positive result, and a failed test. Keeping all of this in mind, it is still important to note that the rate of metabolism and urinary excretion or Oral Turinabol is reasonably fast (5), even though it is technically eliminated biphastically (in two stages) by the body, with a terminal 16hr life (1). I think that the sports-doping-party-poopers (The NCAA and IOC) Oral Turinabol is notorious for increasing the time it will take for your blood to clot because it has spontaneous fibrinolytic properties. “Fibrinolytic effects” means that the destruction of fibrin (an insoluble fibrous protein produced in the liver from the soluble protein) is happening in your body. Fibrinogen is important during the blood clotting process, as it is a soluble protein in the blood that is converted to insoluble fibrin by the action of the enzyme thrombin in response to tissue damage. (6)(7) Thus, you will bleed for longer than usual when on this stuff, combine that with the fact that steroids raise your hematocrit and youll be spending your entire morning trying to stop the bleeding if you cut yourself shaving. Well, thats probably an exaggeration, but not by much.