parabolin (tendances hex)


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nom pharmaceutique: trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
Pack: 1 ampoule (1.5ml (76.5mg / ml))

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Description du produit

Parabolin (Tren Hex) is indicated in treatment of severe muscular dystrophy and severe unrelated muscular catabolism as well as acute growth failure.

A derivative of 19-Nortestosterone, Parabolin (Tren Hex) is non-aromatizing. Many people who use it like that it produces dramatic hardness and strength increases in a short period of time. Parabolin (Tren Hex) is often associated with Finajet. Finejet is a veterinary steroid and contains trenbolone acetate which is very fast acting. Parabolin (Tren Hex), toutefois, contains trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. This ester makes Parabolin (Tren Hex) long lasting (up to two weeks or more) and a better option for human use.

Parabolin (Tren Hex) has no estrogenic activity and it is five times stronger than testosterone as both an anabolic and an androgenic Another great characteristic of Parabolan is that it binds quite will to the androgen receptors, which promote growth of the muscle cells and burning of fat cells. Additionally, Parabolan also binds to the glucocoticoid receptors. Glucocorticoid hormones are what tell the muscles to release protein (catabolism). When Parabolan binds to the glucocotoid receptors, it actually reduces catabolism (a good thing). Parabolan is also considered a nutrient partitioning agent. What this means is that it has the ability to convert more food into muscle and less into fat.

Effets secondaires:
There are reports of sexual dysfunction (which can be subsided if you stack Parabolan with testosterone) et gynocomastia. Gynocomastia symptoms include bloating and an increase in breast tissue. On the opposite note, it’s not necessarily a great choice for women because it can have strong virilizing effects on women.

It can also lower thyroid levels, so it’s important to take a T3 to minimize the effects of this. Parabolin (Tren Hex) is also known to increase aggression. People may like this when it helps them prepare for and compete in and event, but it’s not an isolated aggression and can affect all aspects of life. Coughs, insomnia and night sweats and decreased cardiovascular capacity are also common.

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